Information Sharing for Knowledge Workers

Save Links and Notes Share with Team Members
For Individuals and Teams
Free forever for individual use
Read Later
Save links to articles, reports, websites, and more to read later. Have you ever found an article you wanted to read, but did have time at that moment.
Write Notes
Write notes about meetings, conversations, and things you need to get done later in the day. Help yourself remember your thoughts by keeping them in one place.
Seach all your saved items to help you sift through the information you have collected over the weeks and years (includes search of full article text).
Share with Teams
Create a team account and share saved items with your team. Zinthu team accounts are a simple way to share the most important items with team members.
Zinthu is Designed for Knowledge Workers
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Communications, Government Affairs, Public Relations and more

Information is what Drives Knowledge Workers

Quickly add links, notes, reports, and other content to your Zinthu account and share with Team members. The entire article text is saved for easy searching later by you and your colleagues.

Providing the Right Incentives for Both Individuals and Employers
For knowledge workers, personal and professional information is not differentiated


Knowledge management and collaboration tools frequently do not achieve desired results because employees have limited incentives to input information. Zinthu team/business accounts create the proper alignment by allowing employees to keep access to their saved content. Employers benefit from increased utilization and sharing within teams.

One account for work and personal usage increases utilization - a win for the business and employee. Safeguards for proprietary and sensitive information.


Become more efficient and productive by using Zinthu to save links and reports to read later. Or you can write meeting notes to review with others and save files for referencing in the future.

Zinthu helps you improve your productivity and can be a helpful reminder to read that important article you did not have time to read earlier in the day. You can also easily share items with your colleagues and Team members to make them aware of the important article you found.

If your employer uses Zinthu to enhance knowledge management and team sharing, you still keep all your saved information. It is your information, so keep it and take it with you to your next job.

*Zinthu is now and will always be free for individuals.
This provides you an example of the user interface once you create an account and save a few links.