Zinthu Premium Plans

Zinthu is Free for Individual Use AND for up to Three Team Members

Free Plan
Individuals and Small Teams

Unlimited Saved Items.
Three other People on your Teams.
*The 4th member will require you to sign up for a premium plan

Create Zinthu Account
Billed Monthly
Monthly Pricing
Teams of Any Size
$5 per user per month
*free for up to 3 team members

Create Zinthu Account
Billed Annually
Annual Pricing
Teams of Any Size
$36 per user per year
Average of $3/user/month (28% savings!)
*free for up to 3 team members

Create Zinthu Account

You can sign up for a plan immediately after creating an account. You can also use Zinthu under the free plan, invite a few Team members, and then when you are ready, sign up for a premium plan.

More Details

You only pay for Team Members for Teams you own (you created), not for Teams in which you are only a member. So, you can be a member of 20 Teams with 250 Team Members, but you will not pay anything and can stay under the Free Plan.

Creating Teams (owning them) is also free, so you can create 100 Teams as long as they do not cumulatively have more than three Team Members. Once you go to invite a fourth Team Member, you will be redirected to a page to sign up for Zinthu Premium. You can pay for one additional Team member at that time, or you can pay for more if you know you are going to invite multiple Team members that day or in the near future.

If you have additional questions, we are always here to help. You can email us at info@zinthu.com or through our Contact Us page.