Getting Started with Zinthu

Did you just create a Zinthu individual account? Congrats! And thanks for joining the Zinthu community.

Below are some recommended initial steps to familiarize yourself with Zinthu.

These steps assume you have created an individual account. If you do not have an account yet, create one now.

Step 1: Save a Link

Save a link to quickly see how Zinthu works. Tap the orange button in the top right (if logged in) that says "link" and a popup box should appear. Paste a link to an article (use any link you want) and hit the save button on the popup. It will quicly be saved to your new account. You can then find it by tapping the Zinthu icon at the top left of the screen. You have saved your first link!

Step 2: Save a Note

Two main types of content can be saved using Zinthu: links and notes. We saved a link in the first step, so now let's save a note. Tap the green button in the top right that says "note" and a popup box should appear. Type in a short title for your note and then a sentence in the main content box. Click save and you have now saved your first note.

*A more full featured editor for typing notes can be found by tapping the green "+" to the left of the "note" button.

Step 3: Add a Tag

Tagging your saved items can help you organize and find them later. For those that like to tag items, let's practice how to do that. You can tag an item when you initially save it by typing the tag into the "add a tag" input box. In steps one and two, you may have seen the input box.

You can also tag an existing item. Go to the Zinthu homepage, which we call your "Personal Timeline", and you should see your saved link from step one. Tap the tag icon below the title and an input box will popup. Type in your tag and hit return. You can include as many tags as you want for each item. If you reload the page, you will then see your new tag on the left side of the page under "Tags" name.

Step 4: Star an Item

Some saved links and notes are more important than others. You can star an item to make it easier to find later. For the link you saved in step one, click the star icon and it should turn yellow. Then, on the left of the page, find the "Stars" text and tap it. You will then see all the items you have starred. You can unstar it in this view as well.

Step 5: Archive an Item

After you have read an article or no longer want it to show on your Personal Timeline, you can archive it. For the note you created in step two, find the archive icon at the bottom right for the note. Click the icon and it will be removed from your Personal Timeline and you can find it by tapping the "Archives" text on the left side.

Step 6: Delete an Item

If you want to totally remove a saved item from your individual account, you delete it by going to your Archives and clicking the delete icon . There will be a small popup, then click the "Delete" option and the item will be completely removed from your account.

Step 7: Create a Team

Zinthu is focused on facilitating the sharing of links and notes within Teams. So, let's create your first Zinthu Team. On the left, find the "Create a New Team" link and click it. On this page, type a name for your Team. You can also include a brief summary and a longer description if you would like, but these are not required. Once you have named your Team, hit the "Create New Team" button and your Team has been created! You should see the name of your newly created Team on the left sidebar, which is where you can find links to all the Teams you are a member.

Step 8: Save Link or Note to Team

You have created a Team, now it is time to add some links or notes to the Team. No one cares about a Team with no information! You can easily save any link or note in your Personal Timeline to a Team by clicking the Team's icon. If you are on your Personal Timeline, on the bottom portion of each saved item is this icon followed by a small graphic for the Team you just created. You can simply click your Team's image and that individual link or note will be added to the Team. Test it out by clicking on your Team's image and then going to your Team's page (click on its name in the left sidebar).

Step 9: Add Team Image

Make it more visually friendly to find your Team by adding a Team image. On the left sidebar find the name of the Team you created in Step 7 and click it. On your Team's main page, click the "Edit Team" link toward the top immediately under the team's name. This is the page where you can edit all the information about your Team, including adding an image. Find the "Upload Image for Team" and the "Choose File" option right below. Click the "Choose File" button and find the image on your computer that you want to use as your Team's image. Square images are strongly suggested since that will limit distortion in some views. A Team image can be a logo or any other graphic. Once you have choosen it, click the "Save Changes" button and the image will be saved to your Team. On the left sidebar by your Team name, you should see a small version of the image you just uploaded beside the Team's name.

Step 10: Add Member to Team

Teams are only great when you have other members on the Team, so let's add some Team members. On your Team's main page, find and click the "Add Member" button - a popup should appear. Type the email address for the person you want to add to your Team* and click "Add Team Member." If the email is already associated with a Zinthu individual account, the user will be automatically added to your Team. If not, Zinthu will send an email to the address you provided telling them that you invited them to join Zinthu and your Team. The email tells the person how to create an account and join your Team.

*When adding a Team member, you have the option to make them an Admin. Admins can invite other Team members and have a few other privledges. The details about what Admins and Team Owners can do can be found in our FAQs.

Step 11: Remove Member from Team

At times you may want to remove a person from a Zinthu Team. If you are an Admin or a Team Owner, it is easy to do. Go to the Team's main page by clicking its name in the left sidebar. Find and tap the "Team Details" which will slide down additional information. This information includes a list of all Team members. Find the name of the user you want to remove and click it. On the individual member's page, tap the "Edit Member" button and a popup will appear. On this popup, if you are a Team Admin or Owner there will be a "Remove Member" link. Click it and on the next page type "DELETE" in the input box and click delete.

Step 12: Delete a Team Completely

Deleting a Team is similar to removing a Team member as described in Step 11. Be very careful about deleting a Team, because you cannot get the Team or the Team's saved items back. Only a Team Owner can delete a Team - Team Admins do NOT have permissions to delete a Team.

On the Team's main page, if you are a Team Owner, tap the "Edit Team" button at the top. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "Delete Team" link and click it. On this page type "DELETE" in the input box and click delete.


You now know the basics of Zinthu and how to use it. Please invite friends and colleagues to join. Zinthu is at its most valuable when using Zinthu Teams. Please contact us if you have any questions - we alway like hearing from users. It helps us know what to change and improve to make the user experience even better. Thanks!

More Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.