Zinthu is an information sharing and knowledge management web application for small teams and individuals

Brief Summary

Zinthu is a cloud-based application where you can save, and share with Team members, links to articles, recipes, websites, and anything else with a web address.

Longer Summary

Zinthu is an application used by teams and individuals to save and share links and notes. Individual users save items for themselves and then share items of their choice with Zinthu Teams they have created or been invited to join. Zinthu helps employers, knowledge workers, and individuals consume and keep track of the increasing amounts of data and information online.

We are a cloud-based application that improves communication and sharing within groups, such as communications teams, government affairs teams, knowledge workers, and families, of online information, particularly articles, reports, and websites. It also provides an easy-to-use place to share quick notes among Team members that can be referenced anytime in the future.

Zinthu users have individual accounts, then create Teams within Zinthu, and invite others to join their Zinthu Teams. When a Zinthu user finds a link for reading or referencing later, the user saves the link to their personal account as well as to relevant Zinthu Teams. All user information is saved on secure servers, so it can be accessed anywhere in the world and on any internet connected device.


An individual users is anyone that creates a Zinthu account. Individuals can use Zinthu to save links and notes only for themselves, but we encourage individuals users to create a Team to get the most out of Zinthu.


Any individual Zinthu user can create a Zinthu Team. A Team is a group of Zinthu users that want to share links and notes. Teams can be a division within a company, an entire company, friends, family members, or any other topic of your choosing.

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Please create an account and start using Zinthu today. If you run into problems or have recommendations on new features we should add, please send us an email at info@zinthu.com or through our Contact Us page.