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Who can be a Member of a Zinthu Team

Any individual account on Zinthu can be a member of a Zinthu Team. If you are a Team Admin or Team Owner, you can invite via their email any Zinthu user to join the Team. If you create a new Team, you can then invite any Zinthu user to be a member of the Team.

If the person you want to be a Team Member does not have a Zinthu account, you click "Add Member" link within the Team you want to add the person to and an email will be sent to the individual. The email will include directions on how to create a Zinthu individual account, and then once they create their individual account, they will be automatically added to the Zinthu Team you invited them to join.

What can Team Owners do

When a user creates a Zinthu Team, the user is automatically made the Team Owner. Each Team can only have one Team Owner. The only additional ability that a Team Owner has over a Team Admin is the ability to delete a Team. Team Owners have all the rights that a Team Admin has - see below.

What can Team Admins do

A Zinthu Team can have any number of Admins - all users could theoretically be an Admin. Admins have special priveledges relative to Team members. Any user can be an Admin but must be give Admin rights by another Admin or the Team Owner. Admins can: (1) add Team Members, (2) remove Team Members, (3) modify Team summaries and descriptions, and (4) make other Team members Admins. Admins can not delete a Team.

How to Remove a Member from the Team

If you are an Admin or a Team Owner, it is easy to do. Go to the Team's main page by clicking its name in the left sidebar. Find and tap the "Team Details" which will slide down additional information. This information includes a list of all Team members. Find the name of the user you want to remove and click it. On the individual member's page, tap the "Edit Member" button and a popup will appear. On this popup, if you are a Team Admin or Owner there will be a "Remove Member" link. Click it and on the next page type "DELETE" in the input box and click delete.

How to Delete a Team

You must be the Team Owner to delete a Team. On the Team's main page tap the "Edit Team" button at the top. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "Delete Team" link and click it. On this page type "DELETE" in the input box and click delete.

How to Save

How to Save Links and Notes

Links and notes can be saved via browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox), bookmarklets, and within the Zinthu site using the save buttons at the top right.

Please see the detailed How to Save page for more details.


How can Zinthu Help Me

Zinthu is an application used by small teams and individuals to save and share links and notes. Individual users save links and notes for themselves and then share items of their choice with Zinthu Teams they have created or been invited to join. Zinthu helps employers, knowledge workers, and individuals consume and keep track of the increasing amounts of data and information online.

Who Uses Zinthu

Anyone that uses the internet can use and benefit from Zinthu by saving links for reading late. Zinthu allows individuals to save notes and links to articles and other online content, and then read and refer to them later. Zinthu really shines and differentiates itself from other services through Zinthu Teams and that is why we built it.

Zinthu Teams are designed for use by knowledge workers and small groups of people that want to share intellectual content in an easy-to-use cloud-based environment. Zinthu Teams are frequently a communications division of a company, a government affairs team, a coalition of individuals working on a topic, an academic research group, and legal teams working on a specific topic. A Zinthu Team is a group of Zinthu users that want to share links and notes and can be businesses, families, friends, coalitions, etc.

What does Zinthu mean

We get asked a lot what Zinthu means or how we came up with the name. It means "items," "things," or "stuff" in Chichewa, which is a common language in parts of Southern Africa, particularly Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Many of the Zinthu Team have traveled significantly in sub-Saharan Africa, and since we are focused on saving all types of items for individuals, we thought it was a perfect name for our new company.

We pronounce it Zenn - Thoo.